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A little of everything

Richard's multi-purpose blog

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Richard Rasner (Unique Nudes™)
18 October 1975
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A Multi-purpose Blog, for my multiple personalities. My profession is Nude Art Photographer, my hobbies include acting and historical recreation. Entries are categorized as follows:

UNIQUE NUDES: Posts about my everyday job, as a nude photographer. Flakey models, funny stories, non-photo previews of new series and announcements of new shoots. Sometimes, when posting about non-nude photography, I'll post as STUDIO WORK. Honestly, though, I don't do much corporate stuff. Nudes are pretty much my only thing. If you're looking for behind the scenes photos, stories from the shoots, and stories from my models, assistants and so on I suggest you check out the uniquenudes forum, where anyone can post about my work. Go join now!
Also, my work for the Magazine Mojo Republik can be read about in this feed from my daily blog there: rasnermojo.

NECROTICA or DIA-DIARY: Gamer-geek stuff. The fictional blog of Father Michael Ross, a supernatural fighting priest. Part of a beta-test for a game entitled "Necrotica," from the "Theatre of Shadow & Light." I'm part actor, part storyteller for this company. 'Dia Diary' entries are for "Dios de la Muertas" sessions, where I am a player character only, in a zombie infested universe. I fuckin' hate zombies.

DAMASHI: Posts about the S.C.A., movies & t.v. shows I'm working in, and other pirate-type stuff. I'm a stunt actor as well, so I used to be in a LOT of movies. Lately, though, I've cut my long hair and most of the work I do in Hollywood is as a photographer. I still post rather frequently about SCA events, though.

RICHARD: Random posts from me, Richard Rasner, about my everyday life. (Rare, to say the least. I'm not much on having a personal face on the web.) These sometimes co-mingle with 'Unique Nudes' posts. Most of my memes/quiz and such will probably end up here as well, along with non-pirate Hollywood stuff and other angsty feelings.

VIDEO BLOG: Just like it sounds like... I (or one of my assistants) will take some video clips of the behind the scenes of my work, or sometimes I will just post short clips of events we've done at Nakayama Studios. I host them on YouTube & Vimeo, depending on content. Often times I make an entry about the clips and embed them, but other times I just upload and forget. If you want to make sure you're seeing all the videos, subscribe to nakayama_vimeo for the RSS feed.

I've recently stopped posting nude pics in this journal. If you are really interested in my work, go watch/join uniquenudes instead, or get notices on when I update my deviantART page at uniquenudes_da.

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